Building Innovative, Industry First Circular Reusable Packaging Systems

Modoru helps food and beverage chains build fully customised, frictionless & data-driven circular reusable packaging systems.

  • Eliminate Single Use Waste At Scale

  • Build Reuse Systems That Produce ROI

  • Drive Customer Adoption & Circularity

F&B Chains Are Struggling To Build & Find Circular Reusable Systems That Work.More Innovation Is Needed.

90% of F&B chains still operate without a packaging reuse system, creating single use waste at historically high rates.Compounding this is the fact that current solutions are very inconvenient for customers to use - creating lots of friction for both end users and operators, leading to low adoption levels of reusable packaging. Typically less than 5%.F&B chains are struggling to find solutions that can reduce single use packaging waste at scale, hence reluctant to invest longterm.With regulation mounting across the globe and 2030 single use reduction goals becoming unrealistic - more innovation is needed to build effective circular reusable packaging systems.

Thinking Outside The Box.
Modoru Builds Circular Reusable Systems That Can Reduce Single Use Packaging Waste By 30% Or More.
How Does Modoru Work?

  1. Modoru provides a fully customised infrastructure of hardware, software and integrations - this allows us to build completely frictionless and convenient circular reusable systems. No scanning, No downloading apps, No scanning bins - nothing different from how you do things today. The outcome, reusable systems that customers and operators love.

  2. Modoru provides comprehensive data in real time on Consumer behaviour, ESG, Return logistics, Inventory management and more. The valuable data helps F&B chains monitor the impact of the reusable system across all business functions, identify opportunities to improve operations, report on ESG efforts, drive circularity - and even produce an ROI.

  3. Scalable across the entire F&B chain. No two markets are the same - customer preferences, local nuances and operational needs can impact the success of reuse systems. Modoru's customisable infrastructure allows F&B chains to think longterm and tailor-build a circular reusable solution to their region and preferences.

So What Does This Mean?

  • Reduce single use waste at scale, 30% or more.

  • High customer adoption levels of reusable packaging.

  • Increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and ROI.

  • Avoid greenwashing, report on real CO2 reduction efforts.

  • Build longterm, convenient and integrated solutions.

Going beyond reducing single use waste - Modoru is on a mission to build the worlds most innovative and impactful circular reusable systems that drive real results. Join us in our goal to remove 100Million Metric Tonnes of single use packaging waste by 2030.

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