Building Fully Customised &
Data Driven Circular Reusable Packaging Systems

Modoru helps food and beverage chains build circular reusable packaging systems that can reduce 30-100% of single-use packaging waste.

  • Eliminate Single Use Waste At Scale

  • Fully Integrated & Seamless To Use

  • Drive Customer Adoption & Circularity

F&B Chains Are Struggling To Build & Find Circular Reusable Systems That Work.More Innovation Is Needed.

Food and beverage chains across the globe are producing single-use packaging waste at record levels. With regulation intensifying, internal demand to reduce carbon emissions increasing, and consumer pressure mounting -
F&B chains are urgently seeking solutions to mitigate single-use packaging waste and looking to Circular Economy.
The challenge remains that 90% plus of F&B chains do not have a circular reusable packaging solution, and current reuse solutions simply do not drive the results required to warrant long term investment.

Thinking Outside The Box.
Modoru Builds Circular Reusable Systems That Can Reduce Single Use Packaging Waste By 30% Or More.
How Does Modoru Work?

  1. Design & Test. Modoru works with F&B chains to design a circular reusable system customised to their operations. We assess the hardware, data and integrations needed to build a seamless and fully integrated circular reusable system that produces results, and can scale longterm. We build a simulation of the circular reusable system in our world class lab, giving our F&B customers the opportunity to test system behind close door, before deplyong onsite with customers.

  2. Leverage Data. Modoru provides comprehensive data in real-time on CO2 emissions, ESG, Consumer behaviour, Return logistics, Inventory and more. The valuable data helps F&B groups monitor the impact of the Circular reusable system across all business functions, identify opportunities to drive improvement, avoid greenwashing - and even produce a ROI.

  3. Implementation & Scale. Modoru works hands-on with F&B groups to pilot the Circular reusable system at one or several sites, setting hard KPIs and monitoring the progress of the Circular reusable system. We adapt and make changes to the system where needed to ensure it meets KPIS set - and then work with our customers to scale it across multiple locations/regions , helping them meet NetZero goals.

The Outcome.

  • Reduce single-use packaging consumption by 30% or more.

  • Produce a ROI by reducing packaging costs.

  • Drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

  • Meet sustainability goals like NetZero 2030.

Going beyond reducing single use waste - Modoru is on a mission to build the worlds most innovative and impactful circular reusable systems that drive real results. Join us in our goal to remove 100Million Metric Tonnes of single use packaging waste by 2030.

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